1. Ted Stimpfle — A Network of Vanishing


From the book’s introduction: “You read Ted Stimpfle’s poetry for the energy released by his images, for the ‘applause in a room heaped with empty gloves,’ for the ‘glass acorn which is eatable during squirrelly afternoons in a tree of mirrors.’ [...] It’s hard to believe that A Network of Vanishing is Ted Stimpfle’s first full-length collection of poetry. The 70 pages of poems collected here seem to have come from many books, published over the last half century. Had it not been for the careful editing of the book’s publisher, Andy Martrich, who selected these texts from Ted’s archives, they might have passed into oblivion, never having seen the light of publication. It would have been a significant loss.” — Stephen-Paul Martin

About the author

Ted Stimpfle is a poet from Allentown, Pennsylvania. He has worked as a construction worker, a house painter, a carpet cleaner, a roofer, a notary, and as a caregiver to his disabled mother for a long time.


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