1. Andy Martrich — agri-tech R&D heroics


agri-tech R&D heroics is a small collection of 23 heroic ecopoems that surface as the result of certain esoteric record-keeping practices. It was initially the second part in a palimpsestic re-telling of the Parzival romance, which no longer exists. Each poem offers a unique, albeit symbiotic, expression of patented eternal wounds that can only be healed by the weapon that caused them (as per Grail mythology). In this case, the “weapon” is generalized as the power gained via the dynamic use of the logos in metadata description and inventory management wielded by multinational corporations (e.g., Monsanto and Bayer). It folds out into a print by Aaron Gemmill and is designed by Jonathan Gorman.

Special thanks to J. Gordon Faylor, Lola Galla, Mark Francis Johnson, Clara B. Jones, Marc Maffei, and Michael Martrich for reading drafts of this work, and to Marie Buck for including some of these poems at Social Text.

About the author

Andy Martrich is the author of several works of prose & poetry, including Sports & Games Pentalogy (2014-2019), a five-part series composed of Critical Petition to Ban Inline Skating (Hysterically Real), A manifest detection of death-lot in banking games (Gauss PDF Editions), and Ethical Probe on Mixed Martial Arts Enthusiasts in the USA (Counterpath Press), among others. Andy works on Hiding Press and lives in France.


4 × 8 in. (16 × 16 in. unfolded)


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