1. midrib Archive


midrib magazine was a short-lived online poetry journal edited by J. Gordon Faylor and Andy Martrich from 2007–2010. The pdf available here contains all five issues. It's not intended as a reissue but an archival documentation of the site's contents, which went offline in 2013.

Issue 1: Tomas S. Butkas, Joel Chace, Regina Derieva, Anna Fulford, H.T. Harrison, Scott Hartwich, Beth Joselow, Amy King, Sarah Maclay, Nicholas Messenger, Bonnie Jean Michalski, Matt Reiter, Susan M. Shultz, Lauren Goodwin Slaughter, and Ted Stimpfle

Issue 2: Eric Elshtain, John Grey, Diana Hamilton, Niels Hav, Eddie Hopely, Carrie Hunter, Richard Kostelanetz, Bonnie Jean Michalski, Mel Nichols, Sasha Steensen, Ted Stimpfle, and Heather Thomas

Issue 3: Michael Basinski, Jason LaBarr, Marie Buck, Maria Damon, Phillip Dmochowski, Lola Galla, Mantas Gimzauskas, Ara Shirinyan, Jenny Sampirisi, Rodrigo Toscano, and Sara Wintz

Issue 4: mIEKAL aND, Anne Boyer, John M. Bennett, Sheila E. Murphy, Liz Fodaski, Lawrence Giffin, Lisa Jarnot, Josef Kaplan, and Matt Kornhauser

Issue 5: Danielle Aubert, Daniel F. Bradley, Margarita Delcheva, Brandon Freels, Jane A. Lewty, Stephen Mosblech, Douglas Piccinnini, Kim Rosenfield, and Matina Stamatakis

Web design and content management from Jeremy Skjevling, Jade Kim, and Sarah Dams, at different times.

Editorial assistance from Craig Czury on issues 1 & 2.

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