1. J. Gordon Faylor — Sebaceous Heph


In 2010, bas-books—the now-defunct publisher of excellent books like Kieran Daly's Plays / for Theatre, Astrid Lorange's Minor Dogs, and Andy Sterling's Mackey, among others—accepted my manuscript Sebaceous Heph. Having returned to it recently, I'm struck by the way it resonates with more recent work of my own and of others, and thought that it might benefit from a sort-of reissue. Much of this manuscript emerged by way of a poetry email chain shared with a bunch of friends; I still find group threads beneficial to my writing—how they enable the testing of possibly novel styles and approaches, how they foster a kind of intimacy by way of sharing drafts, etc. Anyhow, there's a looseness and sense of pleasure here that evokes a (perhaps misguided) nostalgia for me, speaking to what in retrospect was a time of possibility, playful experimentation, and deepening relationships. I'm grateful for Hiding Press for hosting this now deeply scarce book, and to Lanny Jordan Jackson for publishing it in the first place. Picture of a salt shaker, picture of her grandpa making a hamburger...

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—J. Gordon Faylor, Brooklyn, January 2022