1. Ruth Jespersen — Two Girls: A Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue


Our second post from the archives of Ruth Jespersen, Two Girls: A Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue is a short story that was first published in Nimrod (Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa, Oklahoma), Vol. 25, No. 1, Fall/Winter 1981. However, “this is the authentic version” (Jespersen’s note) detailing experiences as a young manic depressive, for which she would later be institutionalized several times during her life. Jespersen suffered severe abuse and trauma as a child into adulthood, afflictions hinted at in her novel The Blink of an Eye, an unsung masterpiece of late-twentieth century American writing. Stricken with extreme bouts of insomnia and mental illness, she committed suicide in 1997. She remains largely unknown; her writing unread.

Special thanks to Ruth Jespersen’s estate.

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