1. Bernadette Mayer — Two Thousand Journals


2009ish, I was at Unnameable Books and came across Jamey Jones' brown boke series: a collection of four little chapbooks bound together with twine. Nestled among Joel Dailey's Distant Peaks, Scott Satterwhite's The Li Poems, and Jones' own the notebook troubled the sleep door, was Bernadette Mayer's Two Thousand Journals. The chapbook documents Mayer's first four months in Pensacola, Florida, in minimal prose poems, leading to the "entry" as a kind of poetic form. For example, the entry dated July 14, 2000 Saturday:

oh well some things turn
out both well and not well.
actually there is no short
word that means what it
appears to mean.

Posted with the kind permission of the publisher, Jamey Jones.

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